hist301 the golden age of athens

Choose one of the following questions and respond. (275 words)

  1. How was the Delian League the vehicle for Athenian imperialism? Why do you think that the other city-states did not fight Athenian growth initially?
  2. What did Pericles do to strengthen Athens and grow democracy? How did his reforms contribute to the flowering of art, architecture, philosophy, and literature in Athens? Do you think that Athens would have become an intellectual center without Pericles’ reforms? Why or why not?
  3. How did the early historians gather their evidence? Did they provide an accurate interpretation of the past? Do you think Herodotus or Thucydides created a more accurate account?
  4. How were the advances in Athenian philosophy, art, and architecture during the Golden Age a reflection of the ideals of humanism, realism, and idealism? Why do you think there was such an emphasis on the appearance of perfection and proportion in Athenian art and architecture?

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