history questions 66

Do not need to write an introduction or conclusion, just answer the question. I will provide articles. Please include examples and cite it please.


In 1943, the Saturday Evening Post published a series of paintings by artist Norman Rockwell representing President Roosevelt’s “Four Freedoms.” The magazine also commissioned an essay to accompany each painting, and chose Filipino American novelist and poet Carlos Bulosan to write the essay for “Freedom from Want.” Reflect on what Bulosan’s essay conveys compared to Normal Rockwell’s classic painting of a Thanksgiving feast (included in the same link). How are their interpretations of “freedom from want” similar and how are they different? What might this comparison reveal about how ideas of race, social class, and multiculturalism were changing during this time (Great Depression, World War II)?






(if missing other sources, please let me know)

Thank you for your help.

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