Part (a

Prewrite and Complete the Short Research Report Draft

This assignment has four important steps.

1. Complete the prewriting for the short research report:

  • Prewriting prepares you to write and helps you organize your ideas.
  • You may print the lesson and jot notes for yourself on the paper, or you may write notes on your own.
  • You do not have to submit prewriting for any points, but don’t skip this important step!

2. Complete a draft of the short research report.

  • Use a memo style header for your report along with headings throughout the paper.
  • Use two or more sources that should include the textbook. Here is the works cited entry for our textbook. Make sure you format the entry correctly.Locker, Kitty O. and Stephen Kyo Kaczmarek. Business Communication-Building Critical Skills. 6th ed. Boston: The McGraw-Hill Companies, 2013.
  • When using source material in your report, just simply write something like, “Kitty Locker states that sexism…”
  • The report should end up being two to three pages in length.
  • There is a sample draft report from a student in this week’s folder–LOOK AT IT!

3. Submit your draft of your short research report in the discussion forum below:

  • Late drafts will only receive partial credit, so you may still post in order to have a chance at receiving responses.
  • Your draft should be saved as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf file, so that all students can open your file.

Part (b

Submit your final, revised Short Research Report here as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf attachment.

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