HRDV 5630 Human Resource Development 250 word answer and short paragraph

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Read at the publishers Student Study Site Journal Article/Chapter 5/ Revisioning Organization Development: Diagnostic and Dialogic Premises and Patterns of Practice (Links to an external site.) Gervase R. Bushe and Robert J. Marshak The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, September 2009; vol. 45, 3: pp. 348-368., first published on May 15, 2009

Compare the “dialogic” perspective on OD outlined here with the “diagnostic” approach from Chapter 5 …. which is a better fit for you and for OD in the long term?

Task 2

Take a few moments to reflect on what you have learned in Weeks 2 and 3 of the course. Write a reflective paragraph summarizing your thoughts. (difference bewteen internal and external consultants, and core competancies that jobs promote ie tact, building rapport. And OD models and values)

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