Use the EBSCO host link to find the following article:

Lun, J., Sinclair, S., & Cogburn, C. (2009). Cultural stereotypes and the self: A closer examination of implicit self-stereotyping. Basic & Applied Social Psychology, 31(2), 117-127. doi:10.1080/01973530902880340

Summarizing a published work

Your initial post should respond to each of following discussion elements:

Step 1: Summarizing a source

Write a brief summary of the argument presented in the article above. Remember that summaries do not go into great detail. Your summary should have enough information for the reader to understand the focus (thesis) of the article and how the author supports the thesis. Your summary should contain all the following elements:

  • Introduce the article by its author and title
  • Explain the author’s argument (what does the author claim and what are the supporting reasons)
  • What the does article tell us about individuality or identity?
  • Use in-text citations to identify when you are using the author’s ideas.
  • Quote a passage that struck you as interesting or enlightening and explain why.
    1. Introduce the quotation carefully with a signal phrase, such as, “Lun, Sinclair, & Cogburn explain that…”, and
    2. Include an in-text citation including a page number to cite your quotation.

Step 2: Examining Different Viewpoints

One of the most interesting things about stereotypes is how they can affect the actions of those who have been stereotyped. Think of a stereotype you’re familiar with.

  • Which came first, the label or the trait?
  • How can the things that other people say about us affect who we become?

Step 3: Create a References Page

At the end of your discussion post, create a references page:

  • Type the word “References”
  • Enter a line break
  • Provide the full citation (in APA format) for your selected text.

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