hum100 response 2 week 9 on music and poetry

Response needs to be 3 to 4 full pages. Full essay with intro, body, and conclusion.

Using your search engine, find and listen to Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Joy,” listen to (and perhaps watch) Stravinsky’s “Right of Spring, and watch/listen to John Cage’s “4’33.” Also be sure to read each of the poems I have provided for you as part of this week’s reading. This prompt is a good bit more abstract but should allow for some interesting creative thought and connections on your part: discuss how you see each of the musical pieces here reflecting aspects of “poetry” (it may be in both a literal and a metaphorical sense); then, from the poetry, select at least 3 poems (you may select more) and discuss in the same fashion how they are “musical” (again, perhaps both literally in some ways and metaphorically in others. An ancillary question may be how does “pure music” (no lyrics) suggest words, especially poetically, and how do poetic words suggest “song.” You might wish to discuss such elements as rhythm, lines, sounds beyond rhythm only, silence, ambient sound, regularity, irregularity, motifs, themes, or much, much more. Sporre’s book should be helpful both with poetry and with music: what does he say about both that connect them in the ways you are examining them?

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