human development 36

Name of the book:

Human Development: A Cultural Approach (3rd ed.) Jeffery

Jensen Arnett & Lene Arnett Jensen.

APA style

Respond to fifteen of the following learning objectives. You should have a total of fifteen responses for this homework assignment.

      1. Name the four revolutions that contributed to the rise of emerging adulthood in the developed world.
      2. Identify the five developmental features distinctive to emerging adulthood and discuss if emerging adulthood is likely to remain as a developmental stage.
      3. Describe some of the ways emerging adulthood varies among cultures, with specific reference to European and Asian countries.
      4. Discuss how emerging adulthood is a period of peak physical functioning and why many emerging adults are not necessarily at their best physically.
      5. Summarize college students’ sleep patterns and explain why these sleep patterns may persist.
      6. What are the main elements of sleep hygiene and what strategies can people use to improve their sleep hygiene.
      7. Explain why young drivers have the highest rates of crashes, and name the most effective approach to reducing those rates.
      8. Explain why rates of substance use peak in the early 20s and then decline.
      9. Define resilience and discuss how resilience can be fostered in people.
      10. Explain why emerging adulthood may be a critical period for resilience.
      11. Compare and contrast the tertiary education systems and college experiences in developed countries.
      12. Name the various long-term benefits of tertiary education and discuss the major changes to access and cost of tertiary education in America.
      13. Describe the transition from school to full-time work, and explain why unemployment rates among emerging adults are higher than for older adults.
      14. Describe the course of self-esteem from adolescence through emerging adulthood and explain the reasons for this pattern.
      15. Describe how cultural and ethnic identity can impact development during emerging adulthood.
      16. Describe how gender identity can impact development during emerging adulthood.
      17. Summarize the changes in American gender beliefs in recent decades and include findings from research on gender stereotypes among college students.
      18. Summarize the religious beliefs and practices of American emerging adults noting demographic differences.
      19. Contrast the religious beliefs and practices of young Americans and young Europeans.
      20. Explain why emerging adults have often been at the forefront of political movements, and contrast this with their involvement in conventional politics.
      21. Describe patterns of home-leaving in the United States and Europe and how this transition influences relations with parents.
      22. Discuss why there may be differences between groups in closeness to parents during emerging adulthood.
      23. Describe the role of intimacy in emerging adults’ friendships and the most common activities of emerging adult friends.
      24. Explain how romantic relationships can impact other relationships during emerging adulthood.
      25. Discuss the development of sexually intimate relationships during emerging adulthood.
      26. Explain how emerging adults use social media and texting to maintain social contacts.

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