human resources exam 2

Human resources Exam

10 short answer (SA) questions @ 5 points each (50 points)

You will have 80 minutes to complete the test.

the test starts in 13 hours it must be at a certain time

I can give you the study guide and all of the power points

below is a sample question:

The short answer questions will primarily focus on applying the knowledge you have learned in Chapters 5-8. Many of the questions across all for chapters will ask you to apply the concepts to a particular job of your choice. So that you can prepare in advance for the test, below is the first short answer question from Chapter 5:

Chapter 5, Part 1 (5 points):Please choose a job that you are familiar with (or even make up a job if you’d like) to use to respond to short answer questions on the exam. Briefly describe the job including the job title, three of the essential functions (the most important job duties–can be your opinion) of that job, and three knowledge, skills, or abilities (KSAs) that are most critical (in your opinion) for this job.

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