humanities in the middle ages and renaissance

choose between writing about a Boccaccio story we haven’t read in class, and writing about any work you feel like, that was created within the timeframe of our course (the dark ages through 1942). By work I mean any book, painting, sculpture, building, etc. In other words, do not write about a time period, personality, or event in general. Make sure you write about one work, which you will situate within its historical period.


Your task is to discuss the work you picked, analyze its main themes, and relate it to its historical/cultural context. (What kind of issues does the work raise? How does it speak of its times?) Make sure you talk about the style of the piece: not only what it says, but also how it says it.

Please have a clear argument and some structure. Poorly designed, sloppily executed essays will get you a poor grade.


Language: Your paper must be in good, university level English. Please review your language thoroughly. Every spelling, grammar, syntax mistake will bring down your grade.

Format: It must be typed, 12 point Times New Roman, double-spaced with 1-inch margins all around.

Essay Length: 1,000 words (about 4 pages)

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