humanities reaction essay

Write a Reaction Essay

Reaction essays are just that: a student’s expanded reaction to a discussion session, downloaded material, textbook reading or multimedia presentation. There is no research component required for this paper. (Although, if you choose, there can be.) It is not a formal piece. Still, it should be thoughtful and well-planned. That reaction can take many forms.

These can include:

1.) Expand on an entry in a discussion section. (If you take this option, please cut and past your initial post at the start of your reaction essay.)


2.) Taking a particular position on a class discuss where there was a divergence of opinion.


3.) Discussing how a particular discussion, module or textbook reading made you think of something in a new way or reminded you of a contemporary issue or literary work.


4.) Write about the way an issue from the discussions, modules or readings connected you to some other aspect of your life.

In this essay – a minimum of 300, maximum of 500 words – a student states his/her opinion/idea , backs up that opinion/idea and concludes the essay. This can be submitted at any time from the first day of class until the due day of the Reaction Essay.

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