Hygiene And Infection In The Hospital Essay.

Hygiene And Infection In The Hospital Essay.


A critical concern related to the change of linen is reported by one of the patients at the hospital. Mr. Fitzgerald informs the hospital management and raises his concern related to hygiene factor, due to the delay in change of line in by the gastroenterology department of his hospital. The concern raised is seriously administered by the management and considering the fact that it is a part of hygiene concern, it comes under the human rights and hence IRB needs to be involved in order to investigate and take an action on the same. Ideally according to hygiene maintenance guidelines lining changes within a room should happen within 24 hours if the same room is retained by the patient, or it must be changed every time a new patient occupies the bed.Hygiene And Infection In The Hospital Essay.
It is extremely important for a clinical setting to be equipped with technical information system related to infection prevention, waste management and hygiene also at the same time the staff of the hospital should be adequately trained on the above as well (Pittet, 2006). The concern requires not only an assessment of whether who is responsible for the miss, but it also needs to understand whether the hygiene guidelines are accessible to the staff and whether they are braved about the same according to the human rights related to health and hygiene.Hygiene And Infection In The Hospital Essay.


Although, all the above are some of the basic and major factors which have to be taken care of by the Hospital Administration at the macro level, there has to be a dedicated department which should take care of the micro affairs as well. The department should not be only responsible to ensure that all the above discussed factors are taken care of according to the set guidelines however they should also be involved in auditing the clinical setting to find out if there are any failures and time to time maintenance of the hygiene and infection management applications. As in any admin setting, there is a code of conduct, similarly hygiene and infection prevention is the area which must be handled within a code of conduct in a hospital, and therefore since there are proper rules and regulations involved and looking at the criticality of the issue, it is important to design specific actions to be taken in case of any it may also be advised that breach of the set rules and regulations.Hygiene And Infection In The Hospital Essay.
The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is responsible to enroll the patient for a clinical trial related to the concern raised by him. There is an initial review that takes place in order to understand about the situation relating to the concern raised, and there are multiple trials in order to assess the situation from both the patient’s and the hospital’s point of view. If required the IRB official responsible to handle the trial may also request for additional information so that it can be decided that what should be the action taken and whether any compensation is to be provided to the patient. Faye Glenn Abdellah is one of the nursing theorists who has been involved in creating the Curie related to human hygiene and the same should be acknowledged in order to understand the concern raised by the patient. The theory clearly mentions about the importance of hygiene and its interrelation with the health conditions of a patient.

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