I believe

comment on this statement,

I believe that the article gave a few a good points on society and the obsession with technology and social networking. People that don’t part take in using social networks on a regular are rare. People get so hooked on being entertained with drama and gossip or games that they forget to open their eyes and experience the world around them. This can even be why Americans are so unhealthy. Too much time is spent on social media to the point where people rely on it in order to function properly on a daily basis. I personally do not have Facebook, twitter, or snap chat. I made the decision to not have it because I don’t like drama. I also don’t care to indulge myself with what other people are doing. I don’t think its my age because I’m only 30 it’s just a personal decision of mine to help me stay focus on whats going on in my life.

It is important to look at issues from all points of view. You can sometimes get a different perspective as to why someone else thinks the way they do and it might change your opinion. I personally think that its not very bright to go through life being one track minded. To get a deeper understanding of things you have to put yourself in other peoples shoes. I would have to say that this class was very interesting. It forced me to think about situations and topics that I wouldn’t have normally thought twice about. It was also refreshing to read other peoples opinions on these topics.

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