I Learn America 2013 ‧ Documentary ‧ 1h 32m I want to watch this movie http://ilearnamerica.com/the-film/

I need an explanation for this Film question to help me study.

1. Please watch the remainder of the movie.

2. Pick one of the 5 characters (Brandon, Sandra, Jennifer , Sing, Itrat).

3 . While watching the movie note 3 challenges that the characters refer to in their interviews (e.g., Sing doesn’t have anyone to talk to at home or anywhere else).

4. Identify the migrant status of your character (e.g. refugee, undocumented). Explain the implications of the status your character holds. You might need to do a bit of research to find out what a refugee can and cannot do in America. For instance, refugees receive government assistance a very limited period of time, after which they are expected to be able to support themselves. Understanding the limitations of each status will help you better grasp the potential challenges.

5. Write a reflection and about four challenges you observed. Please write full sentences (e.g., In his interaction with the teacher Christina, Sing answers several questions, including one that pertained to his social interactions outside school. He confessed that he didn’t have any friends, and did not talk to anyone. )

One of the purposes of this activity is to familiarize yourself with issues that younger migrants face, just in case you end up interviewing a teenager or even a college student. Another goal is to give you ideas about the type a questions what you might ask during your interview, knowing about some of the challenges people face. Because many migrant children attend school, they learn English much faster, and they end up becoming interpreters from their parents (even in situations that are above their understanding, such as doctor’s appointments). Sandra’s case is another example of this type of additional pressure migrant children face. Remember, she was asked to translate her grandpa’s letter from immigration, a document clearly above her age. She seemed embarrassed when she couldn’t translate it in such way that her grandpa understood, and in one way it appeared that she even felt guilty.

This activity will also help you identify certain main themes that can surface in a conversation. For your digital story you can decide which of theme is the most meaningful to you and potentially to the audience, and elaborate on that particular aspect, rather than go in many directions at the same time.

Please write between 2-3 paragraphs per challenge.

Please write if you have any questions.

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