i need a help on my homework 2

The homework refers to a Harvard Business Review (HBR) article by Daniel Goleman, titled “What Makes a Leader?” The article, posted on BB, has been designated one of the

“10 Must Reads on Leadership” by HBR – it’s a classic.

Homework Instructions:

Respond to the prompts below. Please write in complete sentences and number / letter your answers so I can track them against the prompts. Do not lift language word-for-word from the source article; this is plagiarism. One double-spaced page should be sufficient for completing this assignment.

I. Research Findings – Competency Model Analysis

Note!! Read the article very carefully – make sure you are looking specifically for information about the competency model analysis to answer these Part I questions.

(a) In Goleman’s competency model analysis of 188 companies, what capabilities did he compare?

(b) Report Goleman’s results concerning the importance of EI by explaining at least two specific findings from the competency model analysis.

II. Self-Evaluation

(a)How would you evaluate yourself on Goleman’s five components of EI? What evidence from your past experiences indicates particular strengths and/or weaknesses? Be sure to explicitly name EI components from the article in your answer.

(b)Considering your future career interests, which EI component(s) would you be most interested in strengthening? How would doing so help you be successful? Make clear the connections you see between EI components and your anticipated profession or industry.


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