I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Reflections on Christianity. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Reflections on Christianity. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. One such depiction is the film, “Kingdom Of Heaven’ by Ridley Scott which was released recently in 2005. This movie takes place during the 12th&nbsp.century in specific during the second crusade. Although this film is a work of fiction it does provide a historical account for the events that took place during that time. The plot of the film is based on the character of&nbsp.Balian of Ibelin. He was a French blacksmith who follows his father to fight in the crusades. The main events of this film are the falling of the kingdom of Jerusalem and the power struggle between the Muslims and Christians over Jerusalem.

Through the character of&nbsp.Guy de Lusignan, this film is depicting the rising greed in different rulers that were present at that time. The guy is the husband of Sybilla, the king’s sister. After the death of King Baldwin IV, Sybilla took the throne and named his husband the king of Jerusalem. The guy was a person who was greedy and intended to rule after the death of King Baldwin, it was his greed for expanding the empire and establishing the Christian Kingdom and so he wanted to provoke a war with Muslims so he could be successful in his goals. This character portrays another aspect of the crusades that was the aspect that many noblemen took part in this war not primarily because of religion, but because of other personal reasons.

This film is not one of those films that show just one side of the event. It managed to show both the sides of the crusades. It portrayed the side of Muslims, which is usually absent in the western media. It showed how it was actually the idea of some angry churchmen who took upon themself to rid the world of impurity that is Muslims, and this simple idea leads to one of the greatest wars in history. It also highlighted that the Crusades then provoked the peaceful Muslim world to fight back, which resulted in a lot of loss of property and life. The movie itself shows how the violence turned Muslims into warriors who fought to save their dignity and honor. The crusade was mainly because of the atrocities that the Muslims faced during the times when they were not in power.

This movie also showed the culture of the crusade from the side of Christians, who called this war as the Holy War, and believed that fighting in this war against the Muslims will be a service to God and they will be granted a place in heaven. It shows how many noblemen along with the churchmen left everything they owned behind to take part in this war. These fighters use to go from town to town to gather support. This fact is shown by how in the film the main character Balian meets his father Baron Godfrey who is traveling with other fellow crusaders in order to find more men for the Holy War. He also tries to convince his son but fails and he leaves.

This movie did not only highlights the motivational reasons behind the 12th century crusade but also some results of the crusades. It showed a massive amount of bloodshed that took place during that time. The film also showed the large amounts of destruction that took place during the crusades in Jerusalem. All the riots that took place after the death of King Baldwin depict the damage Jerusalem faced during the wars, the burning of temples, mosques, and many villages.

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