I need help with a work sheet for my history class

Can you help me understand this History question?

There are a handful of questions on the work sheet that require 2-3 sentence answers. I also need responses to 2 discussion questions below in a minimum of 175 words each on a word document seperate from the work sheet.



2/20/20, 10:13 PM

The four core principles of the American Revolution were popular sovereignty, separation of powers, limited government and checks and balances. We are part of a republic and a democratic government because our people are able to elect who they want for a representative and our whole population of people hold the ultimate power to the decisions of law and who they want to represent. Republic is is basically when the ultimate power is held by people who have been elected as representatives and democracy is basically a system that is ran by a government so a population of people who are eligible members of the state.

Either way if you are involved our not, it doesnt make you a good citizen. You can do so much for your country but it doesn’t necessarily make you a good citizen. I think this is a personal opinion, think about it… I can follow a leader who is either a republic or democrat and that leader be evil and still think that I am a good citizen because I am following their law. A good citizen is someone who follows laws and rules and is responsible for their own actions and someone who is evolved in election. This is why I always think that those who complain who our president is has no right to complain if they did not vote during time of election. If the majority of the population do not participate in the political process it is not considered a democracy because a democracy is part of wide spread participation.



2/19/20, 6:28 PM


In thinking about the issue of participation, feel free to take part of a 10- question sample citizenship test that USA Today put out:


The larger question, of course, is what can be done about it? With the focus on math and science in the high schools, should there be a renewed focus on Civics?

Perhaps in order to graduate high school, students should have to be able to pass the test. What do you think?

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