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Professional and Personal Reflection Assignment

As we have learned throughout the course, economic conditions and principles have an important impact on how we and the world around us analyzes and applies these principles to address issues. This week, you will consider the role that having a better understanding of the principles of economics will play in your life and your career path as you reflect on the team collaboration experience along with the knowledge that you have gained this session.

Compose your professionally focused responses from the broader perspective of one of the following three career path areas: business, technology, or healthcare. Or if you prefer, you may narrow the focus down to a very specific career path that you are already in or are seeking.

This week, you will write a reflective essay that addresses the following questions. Use at least one or two fully developed paragraphs for each response.

  • What are your career goals? How do the principles of economics (macro or micro) influence these goals?
  • What concepts from the course are applicable to your career path? Name and describe at least two economic concepts that will translate to your profession. Explain why these concepts are important and how they will be helpful to you or to the organization you will work for.
  • What concepts from the course are applicable to your personal life? Name and describe at least one economic concept that you consider to be an important takeaway from this course. Explain why, and describe how you plan to apply it.
  • What can you do to continue to reinforce and grow these ideas about economics and/or about ways to improve team collaboration? What are some of the resources that you can utilize as you continue your education?

Successful assignments will accomplish the following.

  • Have a clear focus that clearly links course content knowledge and objectives to career path and personal application.
  • Use concrete economic concepts from class discussion and the readings to address professional goals and areas for economic-competency development.
  • Draw on experience with team dynamics—people collaborating toward a common goal.
  • Establish a plan for continuing to scaffold knowledge and develop as a professional.
  • Demonstrate articulation (mechanics, spelling, clarity, structure, and organization, utilizing APA style and grammar to produce a well-designed and coherent document).

This assignment is worth 100 points.

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