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Competent communicators are able to analyze cultures as complex systems shaped by relations of power and interdependences in order to better incorporate multiple perspectives into decision making and communicative strategies. In this 3-4 page written assignment, you will begin to think through the ways in which we communicate ideas and information to diverse audiences.

First, choose a recent interaction you have had with an individual or group whose language, values, or traditions differed markedly from your own. After opening your paper with an introduction, briefly describe the event and consider what communication challenges each of you faced. How did you manage those challenges? How might you have managed them more effectively?

While reflecting on the event and your answers to the above questions, you will define and incorporate at least three concepts we have learned in Modules 1-10 of this course (hint: check the back of each chapter for a list of key terms). You are only permitted to reuse one concept from your first case study. If you choose to reuse a term, your explanation and link to your analysis must be newly written.

Finally, in your conclusion, reflect on how you aim to improve your communication with others by offering a detailed description that includes strategies that you have learned in this course.

Additional Information:

  • COM 2000 is certified as a Global Citizens Course and may be used to fulfill partial requirements of the Global Citizens Awards upon successful completion of the course and (final grade B or higher).

Paper Requirements:

You may download the Case Study Rubric to learn more details on how your assignment will be graded: Case Study Rubric

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