i need to write a complete paper all the requirements are in the following paragraph

Since this article is about myself, I will explain my situation first. First of all, my name is Xinyu Gu.I’m a sophomore at Troy University, majoring in journalism. I will only study for two years at the University of Troy. I will graduate in May 2021. I’m Chinese. I’m here to study international exchange courses.

In other words, the four years of university are divided into two years in China and two years in the United States. My sophomores and juniors will be in Troy. My ideal job might be a news editor, journalist or news director

Play. In terms of career, I hope I can find a job related to my major. In terms of academic, I hope I can become a person who is proficient in knowledge and has very rich professional knowledge. And published some good papers for people’s reference. Finally, I participated in many extracurricular activities during my study, such as seminars, volunteer activities in student centers or public welfare activities in schools. In China, I also worked as an intern in a restaurant, but I am still a school radio reporter. I was the director of a documentary film, and led my team to make a documentary about the changes of a city cinema. These are my experiences, you can add some, it doesn’t matter. My professor’s main concern is whether the thesis is completed as required.

This assignment asks you to think critically about your future at Troy University and develop goals and a plan of action for graduation and entry in to your career or graduate school. Certainly nothing is fixed at this time but your likelihood of success and satisfaction goes up as you are more informed and thoughtful in your choices. For this assignment – start with a self-analysis. Next, select a major and analyze it for fit and what coursework it entails. Consider your co-curricular development and activities like internships, volunteer experiences, study abroad, or work. Finally, select a career field to explore and analyze. Each aspect of the assignment is detailed below.

Part 1 – Self Assessment(at least 2 college level paragraphs for each bullet)

Think through the 4 domains (academic, career, civic, personal/familial) we have focused on in class – What vision do you have of yourself in five years?

What steps have you taken towards this vision. What future steps do you plan to take as you begin to work toward this vision (e.g. taking certain courses, study abroad, job shadowing, summer internship)?

Summarize your VIPS – What are your values, interests, personality, and skills? How do they influence your major and career choice? How do they align together and what types of major and careers makes sense to explore?

Part 2 – Major Selection and Exploration

Next, select one major and analyze for fit. Use the Academic Catalog and College/Department’s website to get a better understand the coursework, requirements, and opportunities that the major will prepare you for. Talk the major over with your advisor, instructors, or with Career Services. Does it align with your values, interests, personality, and skills? Beyond coursework, what co-curricular opportunities do you need to engage in?

This should be at least 2 college level paragraphs.

If you are undecided, that is fine. Select a major you are interested in learning more about and engage in the process.

Now, outline a plan of action for each year you are at TROY (Fr., So., Jr., Sr.) What do you need to do each year to reach graduation and your goal? Be sure to consider classes, applications, skillset, experiences such as internships, volunteer experiences, etc.

Develop a bulleted list of at least four SMART goals for each year of school.

Part 3 – Career Exploration

Finally choose a career field and explore external factors using the FOCUS system and O-Net to explore field. Use other sources as appropriate; just be sure to cite them. Use bulleted list below and answer each in a few sentences.

Nature of the field – tell me about it…why does it sound appealing

Pay – what is the range? What can be expected starting out? 5 years in?

Location – Is it geographically sensitive? Is the field everywhere?

Demand and Growth – Are jobs in the field expected to expand? Are there unique traits to this expansion?

Entry Points – how do I break in? Education, training, experience needed. How do you develop the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to break in to the field? Is graduate school required? If so, what is required to get into graduate school?

Progression Opportunities – where can I go once I am in the career? What is required for progression?

Family and Leisure – How does this field fit with my family expectations? How does the nature, pay, location fit? How will these impact my leisure and/or civic life?

Close, this section with an analysis of the career field and your choice. Does it makes sense to purse based on your values, interests, personality, and skills? Does it makes sense based on the 4 domains (academic, career, civic, personal/familial) we have focused on in class? What trade-offs might you have to make?

This should be at least 2 college level paragraphs.

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