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Assignment: Create an Infographic

Due Date:Week 12 – Friday, November 29th by 11:59PM
Team Assignment: 2 people/individual
Submission: Blackboard – Submit one Infographic per team

Value: 20%

What is an infographic?
An infographic is a visual way to communicate key ideas from a story, article, or statistics. It uses images and limited words to make complex information accessible to a broad population. (10 marks)


1. Create a one-page infographic that helps inform people about the message and supporting evidence from any chosen reading.

2. Include an informal 1-2 page typed reflection about your infographic, answering the questions below.

Content (8 marks): Title The title of your infographic should be a thesis or central message of the reading you’re representing. Keep it concise and direct.

Information: Your infographic must inform your audience about four supporting ideas or pieces of evidence from your selected readings. Reading can be from the COM101 Reading List or your own choice. If you choose a reading outside the COM101 list, get approval. Choosing a reading from the class list will make Part 2 (Reflection) easier since we have discussed the reading in class, and you do not have to perform any additional research. When you use information from the reading, do not use quotes: paraphrase the key points about your selected reading in clear, accessible language for a general audience.

Graphics: Select and integrate four well-selected (appropriate to the content and to a general audience) images to help illustrate your four main ideas. Your images can include: – a pie chart or graph – a clip-art, illustration or cartoon image. All images under copyright must be cited using APA at the bottom of the infographic.

Design (2 marks): The goal for your infographic is to:

– Present key ideas from the text in an engaging way to illustrate the thesis (or, the title of the infographic)
– Be easy to read and logically organized

Reflection (10 marks): INDIVIDUALLY: Respond to the following questions in a few informal paragraphs. Focus on communicating your thinking clearly.

1. What is the genre of the original reading you chose? How does that author communicate their thesis or main idea?

2. In your infographic, how did you communicate you main idea (be specific)? What is an appropriate context or audience for your infographic vs. the original reading?

3. How does each part (e.g. graphics, supporting points) of your infographic support your thesis? Explain how these parts are connected, i.e. logical.

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