inquiry based resarech

I need an Inquiry based resarch about child vaccination. My requirements are :

1. The paper is a form of a hypohesis about cuases and effects of some conroversial or debate about child vaccination.

2.the paper should contain :

*title page


*7 page essay, the paper should have 8 sections: introduction, historical overview, pros, cons, results and conclusion. 

A. Introduction: one paragraph (should have a hypothesis)

B. Hisorical over view : 2 paragraphs 

C. Pros: 3 paragraphs 

D. Cons: 3 paragraphs 

E. Results: 2 paragraphs

F. Conclution : 1 paragraph

*3 citation per body paragraph(Hisorical overview, Pros, Cons) at least 

*references 10-12 sources (must be .ORG/.EDU/.GOV)not .COM or Wiki  

* 2 Appendix ( at least 2 charts/graphs/images) (not ncluded in the 7 pages)

3. Clear topic sentance wih transitions 

4. In text citaion in APA format

5. APA format paper 

6. No repeated phrases.

7. The hypothesis is : If vaccinaion for children is mandatory stays, then many diseases will vanish.

(please restate the hypothsis)


English is my secound language. make it simple as possible. but professional.

in 24 hours.  

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