instructional practices.

In this assignment, you will research and trace the history and evolution of major instructional practices used in K-12 schools. Your guide will be the ESEA. With each reauthorization or change made to ESEA, dramatic shifts occurred in K-12 education. You must include 10 instructional practices.Include the following on your timeline:  • name of the instructional practice (i.e. Differentiated Instruction, Marzano’s Instructional Strategies, Competency Based Learning) and connection to ESEA  • clear and thorough description of the instructional practice        o role of the teacher        o role of the student        o materials/tools needed        o impact and demands on the learning environment        o impact on the curriculum, instruction, and assessment  • key individuals connected to the practice  • research defining or supporting the practice (include connected learning theories)  • longevity of the practice (is it still used today? how long was it or has it been implemented in schools?)  • opposing views  • successes/failures

write it in points.

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