intro to jazz

Topic: Jazz Vocalists

The Song: The Lady Is A Tramp This is a vocal duet featuring Tony Bennett, an established jazz vocalist, and Lady Gaga, the contemporary pop singer.

The paper: about a page or so. You can write in an informal manner; just like speaking in class.

What to include: answer the questions the best you can. Give your reaction and opinions.

The Questions: Is this song relaxed or tense in mood? Why?

Which jazz stylistic period does this song represent? (dixieland, swing, bebop, or cool.) Why? Is it due to the instruments, size of the band, tempo, dynamics, or texture? Give your opinion.

Is this song suitable for dancing? Listening? Why?

Do their voices work well together, yes or no, why?

Do they present the song in a musical rather than in a mechanical fashion?

Does the scatting work well in the song?

Does the brief tenor saxophone solo add or take away from the song? Why?

Is the part where they sing together at the end a good added feature? Or is it too much?

Do you like or not like the song? Why? Give several reasons.

Would you listen to this or similar vocal jazz songs in the future?

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