ISCOM/370 Sourcing Strategy

Please have by 8:00 Pm west coast time California time. Plagrism free, original work, and refs. APA format. Please do not disappoint. Please talk about all points. If you have a questions please ask early.

please use the paper i used from week 1 i have attached the file.

Choose one of the companies that you evaluated in Weeks 1-4; preferably a company that is growing.

Write 700- to 1,225-word supply chain analysis for the CEO in which you complete the following: 

  • Describe the role of distribution in the supply chain.

  • Evaluate factors that have an influence upon the company’s distribution channels.

  • Assess technological innovations that this company can implement to improve its distribution channels.

  • Summarize your conclusions.

  • Develop a plan for integrating these changes into the supply chain.

  • Choose the metrics that will be used to evaluate whether or not revisions to the company’s distribution channels increased overall supply chain productivity and performance.

    Format your analysis according to APA guidelines.

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