islam discussion response

Citing your text, using Times New Roman 12 pt font, and writing a double-spaced response in 1-1.5 pages, please answer ALL of the questions for reflection associated with this prompt:

Shaheen I. is a radiographer with a specialty in Nuclear Medicine who works at a large faith-based Christian hospital in Central Florida. She was raised by Shi’a Muslim parents in a Hindu village where she attended a Catholic school. Her family moved to Tanzania in Africa when she was in her teens. There she learned to interact in African culture and met her future husband. Both eventually immigrated to the United States, along with their three children. All five have become American citizens. As a devout Muslim, she wears the hijab or religious scarf to work. Most patients appear to accept her religious headwear. Occasionally some seem angry when they first see her. “If they are aggressive from the get-go, I know it isn’t me personally that makes them act offended.” Some times patients may talk to her in a condescending manner as if she doesn’t easily understand what they are saying. But her soft-spoken and gentle manner usually breaks down any feelings of hostility or uneasiness. “At first people may seem distant. But by the end they are nice and it feels so good. I feel I am a more passionate American than most native-born citizens. It hurts when people speak or act as if I am a foreigner.” One of her personal challenges is maintaining the Muslim emphasis on modesty while needing from time to time even have physical contact with male patients.

Ms. I. recalls an incident early in her career with a Protestant Christian patient in his late sixties who was spry but also loud and somewhat aggressive in his manner of speaking to her. Suspecting a fracture of his tail bone his physician sent him in for an X-ray of the sacrum. “I asked him to remove his pants because the zipper would interfere with an accurate X-ray. The man declined. “I told him I would prefer that he did drape himself in the sheet. For one thing, I wasn’t sure what he had under his pants.” He refused, announcing loudly, ‘If you haven’t seen this before there is something wrong.’ The nurse gave me a look that said, ‘Don’t mind him. Don’t’ take his remarks personally.’ It turned out that he was wearing underwear. He was on the table while I was positioning the camera when he asked if I had heard of Jesus. I thought here’s something we had in common that might improve the situation and responded, ‘I know Jesus.’ He responded, “Do you know Jesus or just know about him? How do you know Jesus?’ I responded, ‘As one of the greatest prophets.’ ‘No,’ he said, “That’s nothing. He’s the Son of God.” ‘I may be wrong, sir, but that’s how I understand it,’ I offered. He pointed upwards, ‘Well we’ll know when we get there.’ I agreed, ‘That’s when we’ll know.’

Question for Reflection:

(1). Consider this radiographer’s hijab. Some say that the wearing of all religious garb or jewelry by health care professionals ought to be banned. Why would you disagree with such a claim based on what you have learned in this class this semester?

(2). How would you have handled this patient’s request to discuss his personal views on religion? Should such conversations be banned from health care facilities and clinics? How do you think the radiographer handled the situation?

(3). How would you explain the radiographer’s views regarding modesty in the presence of the opposite sex?

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