ISSC362 paper

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Assignment Instructions

attached is the outline for the research paper.

Details of the Project:

  1. Research and prepare a report on your selected (selection made in Week 2) current trend in the area of IT Security.
  2. Prepare a 4-6 page paper in Microsoft Word using approved APA format. (1,000 word minimum)
  3. The minimum page count cannot not include your Title page and Reference list.
  4. Include a Title page, Reference list, introduction and concluding statement.
  5. Include a detailed description of the topic.
  6. Include information on technologies involved in your selected area of research.
  7. Include information on future trends indicated in your selected area of research.
  8. References (minimum 5 peer reviewed sources)
  9. 1″ Margins (top/bottom/sides).
  10. Times New Roman or Arial font, in size 12.
  11. Correct spelling and grammar.
  12. APA formatting: Title page, in paragraph citations, and the Reference list.

At a minimum include the following:

– Detailed description of the topic
– Technologies involved
– Future trends
– References (minimum of 5)

Pre-approved topics:

– Mobile device attacks
– Application security in large enterprises
– Thinking like a hacker to protect your network

– Wireless security in large enterprises

– Today’s malware is much more sinister

– Database attacks

– Honeypots are incident handlers’ best friend

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