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Please respond to the following:


Suppose you had $20 million U.S. to invest in the international bond market.  Describe how you would invest your money and provide the rationale behind your chosen investments. Be sure to support your statements with arguments and examples. Cite all your sources.

Question 2=( comment )

I believe this is the good time to investing in Vietnam bond. As of today, the vietnam price is affordable for a price of $1 billion of 10 years securities to yield of 4.8percent. The Vietnamese Dong will be revalued around $0.80 to $1.11 per dong. According to the, Vietnam 10 year bond was increase 4 to 5% in the last ten year, I believe the vietnam bond continous to increase in the next ten year base on the Vietnam relationship to the globla economic. According to, Vietnam’s bans are increasing their investments in govermnet debt as the slowoing economy cuts deamnd for funds, helping the treaury triple its bond sales in the first five months of the year.

The teasury tripled its slaes of govenment debt make me more comfortible to invest my oney in to Vietnamese Dong. The slowed growht annual rate make more stable for furture bond. Every investment is a risk, but you have to look in to the vietnam grown fast in the last 10 years based on the last 20 years.



Please respond to the following:


Create a list of 3 best practices for investors who wish to diversify their portfolio internationally. Explain each best practice and provide arguments and examples to support your recommendations. Cite your sources.

Question 4=( comment )

Invest in developed markets are usually more stable and offer less risk.  

Hold a diversified portfolio  to  reduce risk. A investor as organization  (wealth) can achieve  diversified portfolio  due the amount of funds in the portfolio is large enough for in-house diversification (

Mutual funds, offer quick returns and currency, and also offer a quick way to diversify which helps reduce the risk (

Equities, are very good for investors that want to diversify their portfolio. An investor should know in which company and how much to invest in its stock or sector. It is recommended to not invest all you have. An  investor must create its own fund (

A diversify portfolio will help an investors when the market is booming because sell the bond is impossible and unprofitable. A diversified portfolio is very important in any moment in the financial market business, because it is hard to  figure out the market and its uncertainties ( 


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