its 836 data science big data analytics discussion help needed 3

Discussion Question:

Please refer to the attached document “Intelligent cyber security solutions”. The conclusion section has given a few bullets.

Given the dynamic nature of cybersecurity attack surface, do you think all the conclusions are aligned with the requirements of Cybersecurity domain?

Please start your debate with a main post and respond to two of your cohorts. Intelligent Cyber Security solutions.pdf (PAGE 3 – 9). Please focus only on the pages given above.

Please Give me Answer as:

(1)Main post : 250-300 words(answer of this question)(Minimum 2 APA references)

(2)Two responses(additional text or ) : two paragraphs 150 words each (relating to this question topic or replies to other posts)

With APA References


ITS 836 Data science & Big data analytics

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