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this the first discussion for this classChild Welfare and Family i need 200 words and reference

Teenage pregnancy is a multi-faceted issue. Understanding teens as they grapple with their decisions regarding sexuality and parenthood involves understanding where they are in their development. Do they have a clear and thorough understanding of what the consequences are to being sexually active?

Based on what you have learned this week, please answer the following questions:

  • If you could design a teen pregnancy prevention program what would it look like?
  • Describe how you would involve parents, teens, schools, and community organizations.
  • Locate teen pregnancy/parenting programs available in your community and what identify services they offer.Do any of the agencies you listed offer volunteer opportunities? If so, what you would need to do to accept one? Explain how an opportunity like that would benefit your future work as a Human Service Professional.

Be sure to use specific information from the text to support your answers.

(When referencing the text, APA paper formatting and citation style must be used.)

this the number 2 discussion for this classTeaching Art and Music in Early Childhood 250 words and reference

Class, this week you are pretending to give a report to a committee in a school about changing the Christmas program to a multicultural celebration.  Note that it is not a program, but a celebration.Also note that you aren’t just doing this for one class.  You are suggesting a plan for the whole school.  You are to plan for the school which has Kindergarten through First Grade students. You will suggest creative arts activities based on developmentally appropriate practices, cultural backgrounds, and the diverse needs of the children.  Please be specific when you describe the cultural arts activities you include in your plan.

Also, please remember one other thing.  This is NOT about how you plan a great program or celebration as much as it is following this instruction: 

To plan for this meeting think about which approach to multicultural education presented in this unit you would follow.  Be sure to include:

Common Bonds Curriculum

Be sure to read all about the Common Bonds Curriculum in Chapter 24 (pages 609-613 and Chapter 25’s ideas for multicultural celebrations, pages 622-629.  “Many times activities seem to be multicultural like making a piñata or passports, but more often than not, they teach separateness instead.  By focusing on a culture’s differences from mainstream American culture, children from that culture may come to feel different and somehow lesser” (Mayesky, 2011).

Please be sure you don’t just make up an idea from your own plans… need to read the unit material and be sure you understand what is important to stress in ECD…’s not always about differences according to your reading materials. For example, focus on family and how families are alike but do some things uniquely.  Do all cultures eat food, play games, make decorations, dance and sing, etc? If you have questions after reading the material, please feel free to ask!  Focus on creating centers with various activities in your plan.

Please note this important instruction from the DB question above:

At the end of your post, include three multicultural resources (in addition to Mayesky) you have found that you think best support your multicultural celebration including any resource from this course.





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Mayesky, Mary, and Ph.D.. Creative Activities for Young Children, 10e, 10th Edition. Cengage Learning, 2011. VitalBook file. Retrieved from

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