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this my discussion question and i send you my artifact to your mail that you wil need for this discussion

Promoting Cultural Diversity and Individuality

This week you will share how you will promote cultural diversity and accommodate diverse learners in a lesson plan you have previously developed. The Discussion Board this week will give you the opportunity to demonstrate how you have met the following course/program outcome:CE499-6: Individuality and Cultural Diversity: Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of individuality and cultural diversity of children and their families to learning and development. (BSEC-6)

Most of you have taken CE330 or CE410 and can use the Unit 9 Project from either course in this week’s Discussion. In addition, the Unit 4 or Unit 6 Assignments in CE420 are an appropriate lesson plan that you may choose. If you have not taken one of these courses, you can use a lesson plan you developed in your professional role or in another course.

  1. Briefly summarize your lesson plan including your lesson objective and lesson procedure.
  2. In this unit, we are evaluating ways to promote individuality and cultural diversity. Does your lesson plan do this, and if so, how?
  3. Did your lesson plan accommodate diverse learners? If so, how?
  4. How could you adapt your lesson play to differentiate instruction for a child with special needs (you may indicate the special need)?
  5. Did your lesson plan include parental involvement? If so, how? If not, how could you include parents?
  6. In what other ways could you improve your lesson plan to reflect professionalism, ethical practices, and advocacy for diverse learners?

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