Knight (2008) is a brief review of educational philosophy and theory. List at least three approaches you presently practice that have support in what…

  1. Knight (2008) is a brief review of educational philosophy and theory. List at least three approaches you presently practice that have support in what you read in Knight (2008). Then, list at least three approaches you intend to implement that have support in what you read.
  2. What are your recommendations for dealing with cultural and demographic issues prevalent in most communities and schools? (minimum of three)

Knight, G. (2008). Issues and alternatives in educational philosophy (4th ed.). Berrien Springs, MI: Andrews University Press. Retrieved from http://universitypress.andrews.

chapter 6


EDUCATION AND DIVERSITY 1 Education and DiversityInstitutions NameStudents Name EDUCATION AND DIVERSITY 2Question 1 Perennialism Essentialism ProgressivismApproaches I intend to implement…

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