lab analysis

For EQ-309 here are the 2 parts needed.

2. Answers to analysis Q – with the following modifications. You can write answers to Q by hand or in MS-Word or some combination of those. Please rewrite the Q before answering.
For Q 1 and Q 2 show all working so I can see what data numbers you are using and how you did the calculations.
3. Excel spreadsheet. Download the excel spreadsheet and fill out with your data. It will do its own calculations, which you can use to check your own answers for Q1 and Q2 of the analysis
I attached
1- lab book
2-an image of the excel sheet just send me the numbers I’ll put it in

The Data
Aq NO3 =13.5897 g in 4.00 L

NaCl = 23.3762 g in 2.00 L

NH3 = 1.003 M

First titration

Initial volume is 50.0 ml final volume is 32.91 ml

2nd titration

Initial volume is 32.91 ml final volume is 21.89 ml

3rd titration

Initial volume is 21.89 ml final volume is 7.09 ml

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