leadership part of our being or not so much

Hi, I need a 200-250 word discussion post and two 75 word peer replies in around 4-5 hours from now. And the discussion should have at least 1 cited reference. So, below is the detailed topic for the discussion post:

“Leadership – Part of our being or not so much?

In his book Organizational Power Politics, Fairholm talks about leadership being a thing of the mind and not just a thing to be learned. Discuss your understanding of and thoughts in regards to this concept.”

I’m attaching the textbook written by Fairholm so you can refer the textbook. Document named “Politics of Org Decision making”.

And for two 75 word peer replies, I have attached a word document named “peer posts” in which you will find peers posts. Review them and write replies.


Let me know if you have any questions.

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