Legal Issues in Nursing


Legal Issues in Nursing: In this assignment, you will write 1- 2 page paper on a legal issue that you have either experienced first hand, that you have been privy to, or that you have invented. Relate the incident, how it could have been prevented, and how it was resolved. You should have at least 2 references. This APA assignment is worth 15 points.



 Breach of confidentiality

Clinical judgment 

Inappropriate triage

Medication error

 Sentinal event

Lapse in communication

 Substandard care

Lack of documentation


False imprisonment

Assault or battery 


Legal Issues in Nursing

15 Points

Quality paper, with   thorough content and minimal grammar or spelling errors.


Good paper, but a   few omissions in content or more than 2 errors in spelling or grammar


Fair to poor paper,   difficult to follow or lacking in pertinent content, or many spelling or   grammar errors


Very poor paper,   very late paper, or no paper at all.


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