letter of intent to be accept in a master degree program for univesity need fast

3 main points(YOUR INTEREST IN THE PROGRAM FOR WHICH YOU ARE APPLYING) aNSWER : I am interested in EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP MASTERS DEGREE, because I am currently working in a college and this program will help me to grow and get a higher position as well as I discover my passion for education. etc… (expand …….more ) 2.what you hope to achieve by completing the program Answer: I AM HOPPING TO ACHIEVE ??expand anything interesting an related to this topic to expand the essay. 3.How your personal or professional background relates to your interests and goals (I’m currently working have an advisor position in the college and I have being working for the college 3 and 4 months and in addition to that I graduated last year with my bachelors degree in supervision and management (expand to add more etc… temple Date Name Address City, Province (State) Postal Code Telephone Number e-mail address Concordia ID# (if known) Dear Coordinator of Creative Writing, The letter must indicate the program option for which you are applying : Major, Honours in English and Creative Writing, Minor, or admission to a single course. If you are applying for the Major or Honours, state whether creative writing is your first, second, or third choice program. Yours sincerely, (your name)

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