Levels of standard English

Can you help me understand this English question?

Select one of the topics below for a writing assignment in which you adjust the kind of Standard English you use to audience and situation.

a. Think of a problem in your community, city, or state (traffic, pollution, crime, graffiti, homelessness, poverty, etc.). Write a note (or email) to a friend telling him or her about the problem and what you think should be done about it. Next, write your teacher or pastor on the same topic; then, prepare a formal letter to send to your senator. Adjust your language appropriately for each audience.

b. Think of a realistic scenario in which you have discussed a problem at school with friends. Maybe the sports equipment is worn out or lunch break is too short because of the busy schedule.

  • Write out what you would say to your friends about the problem, using colloquial language.
  • Next, imagine talking to your parent(s) about the same problem. Write out what you would say, adjusting your language appropriately.
  • Now, write out what you would say to the principal. Again, adjust your language appropriately.
  • Finally, imagine that the principal is convinced and schedules you to speak at the next school board meeting. Write out your speech (no more than one-half page).

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