Literature review essay

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This assignment has 4 parts and they all related:

Part1″Literature review”:

-This part is the main one and the rest of the parts are related to this one

-Read “Lit guide” file

-Read “Books” file

-Read “Evaluating Introductions and Literature Reviews” file

-Read “Project Proposal”, it’s a previous project and you’ll need it to do this research

-In the “Lit guide”, you’ll need to find some sources for the research, the resources should be in the field of physics or physics engineering.



-Read these files: Writing Concisely, Cohesion and Coherence, Transitions.

Take two paragraphs (probably one sub-section) from the literature review

Describe how you integrated the ideas of conciseness, cohesion, coherence, and transitions into these paragraphs

-Highlight examples in the paragraphs

-I’ll send you two of my classmates post and you’ll need to respond to them by answering these two questions: What are some positive aspects of the paragraphs? Where could be improved upon?



-Read “Evaluating Introductions and Literature Reviews” file Chapter 5 only

-Read “Books” file Page 280-285

-Look at “sample ISOM lit review” file

-Based on the 5 evaluation questions from “Evaluating Introductions and Literature Reviews” CH. 5 and reading “Books”, evaluate the sample lit review attached

-In a few paragraphs, evaluate the sample literature review based on the 5 evaluation questions. Additionally, evaluate the integration of evidence, based on the 10 criteria of effective integration. You do not need to use all 10. Pick 5. What could be improved upon and what is missing? Make sure to back your points with evidence.



-Look at “Project Proposal” file

-Look at “proposal guide”

-Reflect on the proposed purpose and your assumed audience for the project proposal and compare it to the literature review

-In a few paragraphs, reflect on the audience and purpose for your lit review. How have they changed from your project proposal to your the rough draft of your lit review? How have they stayed the same? Compare your audience and purpose to one of the sample lit reviews

-How are similar and how are they different? What changes could be made to your lit review based on evaluating these sample lit reviews?


Do each part in a separate document file please

If you feel there is something messing ask

If you have any question ask

I can’t upload all the files at once so i’ll upload the rest once you start working

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