Macroeconomics paper

Macroeconomics paper (Graduate level)

Title: “The Role of Foreign Direct Investments on economic development in Four Asian Tigers countries” 1995-2016

Econometrics Model: Panel data ‘fixed effects’ – instrument variables – dummy variables) 

Variables and datasets to look for: (GDP Growth – GDP per capita – FDI – income share – income distribution – trade openness – investments and more …)

Source of the data: (WorldBank, IMF…)

27 pages 

Supported by (graphs diagrams tables)

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I need the excel file that contain the datasets mention above with the paper

You can have look on a paper i’am including  to give you an inspiration of what I’am expecting and looking for

format is:

•Title (1 Page)

•Abstract (1 Page)

•Table of Contents (1 Page)

•Introduction (1 Pages)

•Literature review (8 Pages)

•Theoretical Analysis (8 Pages)

•Empirical Testing and results [Panel data ‘fixed effects’ that include at least (1 instrument variable and 1 dummy variables)]  (6 Pages)

•Conclusions (1 Page)


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