mad max fury road script writing


for my thesis, started to rewrite script of the move Mad Max: Fury Road (2015). I need it as a addendum but written script is not available. I have dialogs and I also started to write the screenplay. I’ve finished first 15 minutes but I will appreciate some help. This is the unfinished document attached, and I would like it to be finished with the screenplay action between the lines and also the most important time when what is happening/speaking.

e.g. ->

[12:35] A rusty car is diving quickly towards the camera.


[37:56] “They need hope.”

It is easy – you can follow the format I’ve already shown in the document. You just need access to the movie.

I need this info: when scenes are beginning, when someone is starting to speak, how they speak and do they wear something etc. It is a political science thesis focused on structure of the society, hierarchy and exploitation of women and nature, although I don’t want the screenplay to be an evaluation, just a description but with this thought in mind.

Thanks for your help :)!

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