management question 1 5

1.Think of a company that you currently or previously worked for or one that you are familiar with, and describe the tools used for collaboration and teamwork. Do you believe these collaboration tools are satisfactory? Why, or why not? Recommend some other tools that would work great.

Answer in couple sentences

2. the comment on a post below within 2-3 sentences

When I completed my first tour of active duty, I switched into the Reserves for a few years to finish my undergraduate degrees. During my time in the Reserves, I took a job as a Supervisor at Kroger. The lesson for Unit 1 makes so much sense to me in this regard because Kroger, even years ago when I was working there, was constantly finding new technology to adapt to the always enhancing technological business environment. While I was there, Kroger implemented what was called the Que-Vision system. This system used cameras and sensors to calculate the number of people coming through each checkout line all throughout the day.

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