marketing management 114

  1. Assignment

The purpose of each Leader in Action assignment is to have students reflect upon a leadership question and to take away valuable lessons that might help them in their own career growth.

In today’s business world, do you see any potential downside to using a strong power-oriented linguistic style when leading others? If no, why? If yes, what are they?

Review the “Five Paragraph Format” document above. Double space your response and upload the word document in turnitin via the link below. No more than 3 pages

2. Watch the video understanding the Principles of Persuasion can help a leader become more effective in communicating with others. discuss how he effectively used one of the Principles of Persuasion to convince you of his/her main point. Around 200 words!

3. Pinterest is unique in its user base and content. Make a list of brands (5 total) that would work well on the microblog and a list of brands (5 total) for which Pinterest is not a good fit. Explain your answers. Viral videos are becoming a norm for social media engagement for brands, organizations, non-profits and even in higher education marketing. Do some research and find one article that explains why some videos go viral and the keys to success. no more than 400 words.

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