marketing plan for tesla 1

Create a Marketing strategy for Tesla: Include laws that Tesla faces as a company when. it comes to selling to its consumers.

How can Tesla better market out to other countries such as China? Use article like LA TImes, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg.

Talk about their main competitors (atleast two)

6-7 pages.

In general, your task is to analyze a firm, its industry, and the societal context affecting either the firm or industry. Essentially, you are analyzing key strategic issues facing the firm.


The purposes of this assignment are as follows:

ï‚· To analyze a firm and its industry with breadth and depth

ï‚· To identify one or more important strategic issues facing the firm

ï‚· To draw out ethical issues of importance to this firm and to this industry

ï‚· To use skills, knowledge, abilities from this course and prior courses

ï‚· To make actionable recommendations to overcome obstacles and leverage opportunities

ï‚· To continuously improve the practice of writing in substantive business contexts

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