math question

I’m studying for my Mathematics class and need an explanation.

Read the attached document (First). Do the following:

1) After reading the document as well as chapter 3, Answer the following questions;

A “ Daily Number “ lottery has a three-digit number from 000 to 999. You buy one ticket each day. Your number is 389.

a) What is the probability of winning next Tuesday and Wednesday?

b) You won on Tuesday. What is the probability of winning on Wednesday?

c) You did not win on Tuesday. What is the probability of winning on Wednesday?

2) Most people may not know the fact that the probability has no memories. That’s why so many gamblers keep playing on a particular machine hoping that after a long losing string, the machine would recognize that now it’s time to pay off, and thinking eventually they begin winning. And that could be a costly mistake. That is my comment on this article.

Write a short paragraph and tell me your comment or opinion on the article. (You could comment on uses, abuses, and ethics of probability). You could supplement your comment by telling me your personal experience (if you wish).

3) Reply and make a comment on a classmates’ post . Write a brief paragraph (three or 4 sentences)

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