mba 670 strategic decision making 17


Can someone please complete the 4 questions listed below? Each answer needs to be double spaced in times roman format ensuring that each contain 400-500 words with 3 references in A.P.A. format. In the discussions, cite examples for when you describe theories from your reading and research. You may use examples from current or recent newsmakers, or other reliable sources.

Industry Analysis Discussion: Read the understanding of industry structure and industry analysis will be critical for making informed decisions for MediCorp. Therefore, Jillian Best has convened a discussion about these two topics to prepare your team for the work ahead.

Discussion Topic 1: What industry sectors tend to be better performers? Why? Even among the best performing industry sectors, some companies don’t perform well. Why? On the contrary, some companies in poorly performing industries still do well. Why? For companies in the same industry sector, what factors could explain differences in company performance over the long term?

Discussion Topic 2: Select any company from the Standard & Poor’s 500. Select one or more activities in the company’s value chain that would be candidates for relocation to another country. Provide a brief justification and examine the challenges you see in coordinating the global value chain after the proposed value-chain activities of your chosen company are set up in the new country.

Entry Strategy Discussion: As you prepare to choose a new strategy—a global strategy—to direct your client’s business decisions, it will be useful to think critically about international strategies, modes of entry, and globalizing the management model.

Discussion Topic 3: What are the factors that influence an organization’s choice of entry mode in a country? Discuss how the chosen mode fits with an organization’s goals and objectives.

Discussion Topic 4: What are the country factors that influence an organization’s decision to enter that country? What is the impact of the culture and geography on the organization’s value-chain activities being relocated to the country?

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