McDonaldization in Society essay

Your written report should be around 1000 words, plus a bibliography. It should be typed andproofread before submission. You may use any recognized referencing system, so long as youuse if consistently throughout your report. Some activities specify a particular reading that youmust reference in your report, while others allow you to find your own sources. You shoulddraw on a minimum of 1-2 sources in your report.Your informal class report should be around 5 minutes, and may include a visual presentation(eg: powerpoint or video) but this is not a requirement. You should explain your activity to thegroup, how you answered the questions and what you found most interesting about youractivity

3. McDonaldization in Society

Reading: HYPERLINK “”

Writing about McDonaldization, Ritzer claims that rational systems ‘deny the basic humanity, the human reason, of the people who work within or are served by them’ (1994:154). In your own words, explain Ritzer’s meaning. Then select a site in which you might observe the phenomenon of McDonaldization, as outlined by Ritzer. Some examples might include a fast food restaurant or large discount store. Describe your observation and how the 4 elements of McDonaldization (efficiency, calculability, predictability and control) are at work.

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