Media Assignment 2 (250 words)

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Fact Check

1) First, Read Chapter 2 , then watch all the videos uploaded to Week 3 Module and read the posted articles and PowerPoint in Module Week 3.

  • Then, select a published news story, press release, or other media report and fact-check it.
  • Examine the piece for all of the “basic” issues, such as spelling, proper nouns, geographic elements, and numerical concerns.
  • In addition, assess the degree to which you can verify the broader issues with other sources.
  • Finally, examine it for any vague terms or the use of hyperbole.
  • Take this all into consideration and write informational paper (250-word minimum) that clearly demonstrates what you found and how credible you found this piece of content to be as a result of your analysis.
  • You must submit your paper as a document as it needs to go through Turnitin to earn points. Do not attach it in the comments section.
  • Extra points available, if you write a rough draft, go to the Writing Center again to gain guidance on turning your rough draft into your final rough draft (to earn these extra points, you must submit your rough draft and proof of Writing Center meeting with your final draft.

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