MI 305 001 Media and Information Policy

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Annotated Bibliography: You will compile a list of ten academic journal articles covering one of the policy topics. Then choose 3 of the ten articles, read the articles and add a bibliographic annotation that (1) briefly describes the topic of the article (100–180 words) and (2) critically assesses its contents (100–180 words)

Ambrose, M. L., & Ausloos, J. (2013). The right to be forgotten across the pond. Journal of Information Policy, 3, 1-23.

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David, M. (2013). Cultural, Legal, Technical, and Economic Perspectives on Copyright Online: The Case of the Music Industry. In: The Oxford handbook of Internet studies.

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Obar, J. A. (2016). Net Neutrality| Closing the Technocratic Divide? Activist Intermediaries, Digital Form Letters, and Public Involvement in FCC Policy Making. International Journal of Communication, 10, 24.

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White, J. (2016). Cyber Threats and Cyber Security: National Security Issues, Policy and Strategies. Global Security Studies, 7(4).

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