Mini research of computer and network security problem

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MicrofostWord FILE:

Objectives:To demonstrate knowledge, understanding, critical thinking, research, communication, and problem solving and analytical skills on computer and network security problems and solutions


1. Identify a specific type or aspect of computer and network security problem related to this class, such as a specific type of malware (e.g. a specific type of virus, worm, ransomware, etc), system vulnerability, phishing (e.g. spear phishing), network intrusion, DDoS attack (e.g. syn flooding), etc.

2. Conduct research on the identified problem and propose the best solution in your opinion based on in-depth research using the course readings and additional sources such as conference and journal papers accessible online from up-to-date industry and government reports, and other academic and non-commercial publications.

3. Create a Research Abstract PDF file in Word with the following sections (see the Sample posted):

1) A title and a brief Summary paragraph to summarize the content of your research.

2) 5-7 Keywords used in your Abstract.

3) A Description section (1 or 2 paragraphs) to briefly describe your research issue, purpose, questions,
and your proposed solution and method, and explain the importance or value of your research.

4) A Plan section (1 or 2 paragraphs) that describes the resources (including data/information, prior
research, reports, tools, hardware, software, etc.) and methods (e.g. simulation testing, experiment,
survey, interview, etc) you plan to use for your research.

5) A Conclusion

6) 3 References

7) 1.5 pages APA style with 3 references


8) PowerPoint SLIDES:

Create Research Slides: Prepare a PowerPoint file of about 6-8 slides to present items 1) through 6) of your Research Abstract above in outline style (keyword summaries and appropriate graphics).

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