mod 3 this is a 3 part dicussion

Part 1

mod 3 ___Instructions for students: We have reviewed information on morals and ethics. Think about instances when one’s moral and ethical stances might impact a health care decision. Your answers may be from personal experience or from something you have read or heard about from family, friends, or colleagues. Put yourself in the position of a patient or a care-giver, or a health care provider and answer the following (75-100 words):

  • When might one’s moral code be called into play in a health care situation? Give a specific health care situation. • How would morals and ethics impact the decision?
  • Is there a best way to make a decision? Why or why not?


mod3___Instructions for students: Informed consent is an important consideration any time that health care is provided. After reading the Sawicki article, answer the following (75-100 words):

  • What roles do morals and justice play in informed consent?
  • Can you think of a time when informed consent may not be needed?

Explain your answer.


  • Submit your original post by Thursday before 11:59 PM (EST).
  • One peer reply of 75 words is required by 11:59 PM, EST Sunday of this week.
  • You will not be able to see any posts by other students until you make your original post.
  • Cite paraphrased information but do not use quotes for this assignment. Quotes are not permitted in this course; use of quotes will result in loss of points.
  • Before posting, check for spelling and grammatical errors. If I cannot evaluate your content, you will not receive points.
  • Plagiarism is not tolerated. You must cite any sources you use to support your work, using APA formatting. Failure to cite appropriately may result in a report on plagiarism to the Academic Integrity Council.
  • Responses must be a minimum of 3 complete sentences that academically add to the material being discussed. No credit will be given for comments such as, “Good post”.
  • In addition to your replies on other students’ posts, you should also respond to any student who posts to your original post and to any of my questions.
  • The SPC online library has a guide to assist you with your use of citations and referencing

part 3

mod5____Taken from

Weiss, D., Tilin, F. J., & Morgan, M. J. (2018). The interprofessional health care team: Leadership and development. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett.

“Culture can seem like a difficult concept to grasp yet we all know that each team (or organization) has a unique feel. This exercise helps you capture the feeling of your team (or organization) by drawing a picture of how you see it now and depicting your vision for a collaborative, interdisciplinary, patient-centered culture for the future.

  • Think about how it feels to work where you work, or if you are not currently employed, where you have worked in the past. Write some adjectives or short phrases that describe your culture and/or a metaphor that you have used that describes the culture.
  • Draw a picture (or find an online emoji or picture) of the current culture of your team or organization as it feels to you now.
  • Now think about how you would like the culture to be in the next 3–5 years. Write some adjectives or short phrases that describe your culture and/or a metaphor that you have used that describes the culture.
  • Draw (or find) a picture of the new culture.
  • Look at the two pictures.
  • Answer the following questions:
  1. What do you think can be done to help change this culture?
  2. What is something you can change about your own behavior or attitude that may facilitate this change?
  3. How can you influence others to work towards positive culture change in your organization?”

You may use the discussion to submit the pictures and answers or you may submit your answers on a WORD document and download the page to the Discussion board. It will be fun to see our results! Do not worry about your artistic ability – I can only draw stick people like you see on ClipArt!

Your original discussion posting is due Thursday (due date) and replies are due on Sunday (end date).

Learning Objectives Assessed: 3a, 3b

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