Module 2 Discussion Intro to Organization

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After reviewing this week’s readings you will need to compose a discussion post of at least 250 words each that address the question I ask in the thread below.

Join in the discussion by selecting Discussions from the Communication drop-down menu. Entering here will make it more difficult to view the various threads. You will want to view this in Gridview.

Please respond to each other. Remember, that the purpose of this discussion is not to answer my initial or follow-up questions. The purpose is to engage with the assigned readings and integrate them with other ideas and into your daily (or future) practice. Please do use terminology from the assigned readings, cite the textbook with at least an in-text citation (Dipboye, 2016), and bring in current events (provide a URL) to add to the conversation and to support your points. These discussions are the main learning and assessment tool in this course.


Many, if not all of you, have been exposed to work environments which utilized either the Scientific Management approach or the Human Relations Approach. Describe your experiences in both as well as discuss which you prefer(ed) and why?

Readings to help

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